TGK Athletics has a proven track record of success in skill development as we have athletes who have competed at all levels, whether it be learning the basics to playing in the professional ranks. We pride ourselves on challenging our student-athletes to not only strive to achieve their goals within their respective sport but also to maximize their potential in the classroom. As former and current athletes who have competed at the highest levels, our staff understands that athletes must not only be given the physical tools to compete but also the mental skills required to be successful.

 Congratulations to our calendar prize winners!!

Friday April 1st – Scott Provencher – $50 dollars cash

Saturday April 2nd – A Dalphonse – $50 Bingas Gift Card

Sunday April 3rd – Lessie White – 1on1 Training TGK

Monday April 4th – Brett Leconte – $50 Dicks Sporting Good

Tuesday April 5th – Monica Chhum- $50 Surf 6 Gift Card

Wednesday April 6th – Royce Benner – $50 Amatos Gift Card

Thursday April 7th – Molly Brown – $50 Foot Locker Gift Card

Friday April 8th – Jeff Ouellette – $50 Sea Salt Gift Card

Saturday April 9th – Matt Dicianni – $50 Taqueria207 Gift Card

Sunday April 10th – Stacie Lord – $50 Amatos Gift Card

Monday April 11th – Kristy Nevells – $50 Bingas Gift Card

Tuesday April 12th – Jessica Ashton -$50 Taqueria207 Gift Card

Wednesday April 13th – Charlotte Fraser – Dr Dish Shooting Session Thursday April 14th – Jen Roberts – $50 Cash Prize

Friday April 15th – Mike Poulin – $50 Surf 6 Gift Card

Saturday April 16th – Jeff Golojuch – $50 Dicks Gift Card

Sunday April 17th – Dan Colby- $50 Footlock Gift Card

Monday April 18th – Shelley Lake – TGK Swagg Pack

Tuesday April 19th – Jessie Souter – Surf 6 $50 Gift Card

Wednesday April 20th – Zenia Gomez – Bingas $50 Gift Card

Thursday April 21st – Bonnie Waters – Sea Salt $50 Gift Card

Friday April 22nd – Ernie Dore – TGK Vertimax Training Session

Saturday April 23rd – Gisele Cantin – $50 Cash Prize

Sunday April 24th – Toni McQuinn – $50 Dicks Gift Card

Monday April 25th – Ryan Brown – $50 Seas Salt Gift Card

Tuesday April 26th – Rachel Driscoll – $50 Taqueria207 Gift Card Wednesday April 27th – Betty Plant – $50 Surf 6 Gift Card

Thursday April 28th – Zachary Taggett – $50 Amatos Gift Card

Friday April 29th – Jon Lydick – $50 Bingas Gift Card

Saturday April 30th – Jules Aloes – TGK Football Training Session 


TGK Coaches & Trainers

Coach D

Coach D

Coach Kyle

Coach Kyle

Coach Jackson

Coach Jackson

Grind Labs

Elite & Developmental Training For All Ages

While working on ball handling, finishing moves and specific drills to recreate gameplay, We also put a very strong emphasis on balance,footwork, agility, and plyometrics with a variety of exercises using specialized equipment from our official training partner Sklz .

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TGK is extremely positive with their athletes, bringing a high level of energy and demanding the same from our players, as we are teaching. If you are looking for a great way to get your teams ready for the season or teach kids the true basics and fundamentals of the game this program is geared just for you!

Gift Certificates

10-60 Minutes Training Sessions $500
5-60 Minutes Training Sessions $250
1 Hour Session With Trainer $50


Want to be a Mentor? TGK Athletics is apart of The National Mentoring Partnership