Some competitive shooting drills with some conditioning that hopefully you might be able to use in your pre-season program.

These drills are from Coach Justin Remington’s Moreno Valley High School Summer Shooting Program.

He is also a basket instructor for PGC Basketball.

His Twitter feed is @Coach_JRem

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16 Shot Shooting

basketball-drills-16-shot-shooting1 starts at coaches box/sideline and sprints into a wing 18 foot jump shot …

1 back pedals 3 times and sprints into a corner three pointer.

1 sprints through the key to opposite corner back up to the coaches box/sideline and turns and sprints for an 18 footer from the wing

1 backpedals three times and then sprints for a corner 3

*Repeat this pattern until player has shot 16 shots.

***To make it competitive put a time limit on it and a number of makes that they should have…

Ladder Drill


Player sprints from sideline to opposite elbow and catches a pass from the coach for a shot.






basketball-drills-ladder-shooting2After the first catch and shoot:

Player touches near sideline and then MUST sprint across the floor to opposite sidelines and then come back for elbow jumper again (from same spot as first frame)

After that jumper (since she has touched 2 sidelines she gets two elbow shots in a row). She must arc to the pposite elbow for a second shot




basketball-drills-ladder-shooting3After the second shot:

The player sprints t o near side sideline then to the opposite sideline, then back to the other sideline, then she can sprint to the elbow for a shot…

Since the player touched the sideline 3 times now she must shoot three alternating elbow jumpers before going on to the next stage of the ladder



basketball-drills-ladder-shooting4Now the player goes sideline to sideline 4 times.

Then she goes to the elbow for elbow to elbow shots. She gets four elbow shots…

Continue this drill to 5 sideline touches and 5 elbow to elbow shots.

***Once they get in shape work your way back DOWN the LADDER… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

***Players w i l l get extremely fatigue during t h i s drill. Stress consistency in footwork and in follow through as well as not allowing them to drift on their shots…

Round of Threes

basketball-drills-rounds-threes15 shooting spots around the perimeter for this drill

The player will have to make two threes each spot first time around before moving on to the next spot

After completing all five spots the player will make their way back around the perimeter only having to make one this time to move on.

Look at the other frames to see where the coach is passing from. (it is wise to have a rebounder or manager getting rebounds in all of these shooting drills)


basketball-drills-rounds-threes2Teaching Points from the Corner:

1. I stress Open Hips to the passer (to step into your shot), so in the left corner the player would have their left foot facing the basket (five toes to the basket) and their right foot open so that the shooter HIPS face
the passer. Coach will pass the ball to 1. One brings right foot forward, square up, and shoot.



basketball-drills-rounds-threes3After making two shots at the first spot the player will run into the next shot at the wing. Here she must make two as well.

Teaching Points:

1. Footwork on the move from corner to wing is left foot (inside foot) first to square you right foot comes around

2. When they are stationary footwork is the same as in the corner



basketball-drills-rounds-threes41 runs from wing to TOK

For the OPPOSITE SIDE coach should mirror what where they passed the ball from

***Remember AFTER the complete two makes from each spot they MUST come back around the perimeter and make one shot
each spot before moving on

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