These shooting drills are from Dennis Hutter, Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Mayville State University. His website, . The website has more shooting, individual development workout, and leadership videos.


  1. Make 10 Shots Without Missing 2 in a Row

-Work at a pace that is “game like”

-Try to make 10 shots w/out missing 2 shots in a row

-If you miss 2 shots in a row, allow a “swish” on the next shot to continue the string.

-All shots are shot with the player spinning themselves a pass – Rhythm Shooting

-Can do this drill with stop and pop shots as well as jump shots


  1. Make 10 Shots is 1:15

-Player has 1:15 to make 10 total shots

-All shots are shot with player spinning themselves a pass – Rhythm Shooting

-Have to work at a pace that allows you a chance to make 10 shots

-Player gets their own rebound on all shots

-Great warm-up drill to “heat up” player before workout begins


  1. “25” Point Shooting Drill

-Player alternates between shooting a “3” and shooting a stop and pop

-3’s are worth 3 points, and stop and pop shots are worth 2 points

-Player tries to get to 25 points in 2:00

-Player can’t catch ball in same spot twice in a row – use entire floor

-Use a rebounder with this drill

-Player alternates between right hand and left hand when attacking the rim


  1. 10 Spots in 2 Minutes

-Player has 2:00 minutes to complete this drill

-Player shoots from five spots:  corner, wing, top, wing and corner

-Player shoots from a spot until they make 2 in a row – start in corner

-After 2 makes in a row, player advances to next spot

-Spots 5 & 6 are in the same corner

-Use a rebounder for this drill, and an extra ball if there are long rebounds


  1. “21” Point Drill – Individual

-Player starts at half line

-Player shoots a lay up, a stop and pop and a “3” in that order

-Lay up is worth 1, stop and pop is worth 2, and 3’s are worth 3 points

-Player shoots shots in the order of lay up, stop and pop and 3 –continuous

-Player sprints from half line and receives ball from coach at arc

-drives in and shoots a lay up – 1 point – then sprint to back to half line

-attacks rim and shoots a stop and pop – 2 points – then sprint to half line

-shoot “3” from top of the key

-Player continues shot order until they get to 21 points

-Great toughness/condition drill



  1. “30” Point Shooting Drill

-Player shoots shots from four spots: wing, pro spot, pro spot and wing

-Set up a chair or cone at each spot on floor, just outside of the three point line

-Player receives pass and attacks the chair or cone

-Player will shoot three shots from each spot

-Player shoots stop and pop “3”, then a right to left crossover move to a stop and

pop and then a left to right crossover move to a stop and pop shot

-Player shoots ball and then sprints back behind chair/cone to receive ball and

makes next move

-“3” worth 3 points, stop and pops worth 2 points

-7 points per spot for a total of 28 points – finish drill with 2 FT’s for a total of 30

-Try to achieve a goal of 23 points or higher



  1. “44” Point Shooting Drill

-This drill is done with a rebounder, and try to complete drill in 1:30

-Shots are shot in increment of 4

-Player receives ball at top of key and attacks basket for lay up – 2 with right

hand and 2 with left hand – alternate hands

-Player receives ball at top of key and attacks rim and shoots 4 stop and pop

shots – attack twice with right hand and twice with left hand.

Player then shoots 8 three point shots (wing, pro spot, wing pro spot) on the left

Side.  (Wing, pro spot, wing pro spot) on the right side.

-Finish drill with 4 free throws

-Lay ups and stop and pops all worth 2 points

-3’s all worth 3 points

-Free throws worth 1 point for a total of 44 points


  1. Free Throw Game

-Have to make 16 Free Throws in 6:00

-Free Throws are shot in 1 and 1 increments.

-Player makes both free throws they sprint to half line and back

-Player makes first FT and misses second they have one full court sprint

-Player misses front end of 1 and 1, they have a double sprint (down and back


-All sprints, player dribbles ball with weak hand

-Player continues drill until they either make 16 FT’s or use all 6:00

-Consequence is push ups

-16 – total makes x 2 = total number of push ups at the end




-Make your workouts like a game, so your games can be like your workouts

-The single best way to improve the team is to improve the individual player’s skills

-When you get better, the TEAM gets better

-Game shots, game spots, game speed with game conditions

-60% workouts – chart shots and have player make 60% of shots for entire workout

-Three Keys to Shooting

  1. Get the Ball Up
  2. Get the Ball Straight
  3. Hold a High One Second Follow Through

-Don’t miss two shots in a row – THE SAME WAY – Focus and Finish

-Always warm up with Shooting Progression and Stick the Stance Progression

-Consistent technique will bring about consistent results

-If you want to add competition to any drill or IDW, add time or score to the drill – gets the

player to workout at game speed.

-Be a “back half of the rim” shooter – don’t leave the shot short

-FIND A WAY TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Teach players to “find a way to win” at

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