About TGK Athletics

TGK Athletics is a 501 (3c) Non-Profit organization in the USA which stands for “The Grind Knows” when we work hard we call it “GRINDING” and that is what we are all about. We don’t work out because we out work.

The goal, focus, and direction of TGK is to enhance each individual’s speed, quickness, agility, and body control relative to their sport. Linear speed is important, but the ability to change direction is quite possibly more important than flat out speed. Speed development and enhancement is a careful balance and combination of strength training, sport training, skill training, and speed and agility training.

Through online videos at this page, our youtube account TGK Athletics, Instagram @tgk_athletics, and Twitter @tgk_athletics we will give you step-by-step training videos focused on drills designed to mimic specific game moves.

Sports are among the most popular activities for youth in the world. Only TGK Athletics provides young athletes with the opportunity to develop a variety of necessary mechanics of athleticism through strength, mobility, and flexibility exercises. We assess and identify weaknesses and strengths and help the athlete to develop. We encourage confidence to pursue another level of performance ability through constant evaluation and goal setting.

We provide our sports combine to determine speed, strength, and skill level of athletes depending on the sport. This is an opportunity for athletes to display their abilities for scouts, coaches and others who may be interested in evaluating talent or athletic ability. We provide fully automatic timing 40 yards, bench press equipment along with staffed trainers to run the drills. Contact Us Today: Organization, school or team prices available.

Non Profit Organization – EIN # 47-4505288

Our Mission

To foster the academic, athletic and social development of student-athletes; to promote honesty and integrity in every area of life; and to help create an environment in which social and economic barriers to academic and professional success are minimized. TGK Athletics commitment to student-athletes extends from the primary school level through the post- secondary level of education and into their first job placement or into their professional sports career.