This transition drill is from Drew Hanlen’s Transition Drill Book.

Drew is an NBA Strategic Skills Coach & Consultant that has helped over 25 NBA and NBA pre-draft players including David Lee (Warriors) and Bradley Beal (Wizards).

Drew is the Head Skills Coach for Pure Sweat Basketball.

He has run his internationally renowned Elite Skills Clinics in over 30 states and 4 countries over the past four years.

He is also the Head Skills Coach for the Reebok Breakout Challenge and has worked various events for Nike Basketball.

You can find out more about his Transition Drill Book by clicking this link: Pure Sweat Basketball Transition Drill Book.

This drill book is a digital eBook download.

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2v1 Continuous Box Drill

basketball-drills-box-2v1Players will be divided into two teams. One player from the Red Team will start in the paint on defense and another player from the Red Team will start on the angle, as an outlet.

Two players from the Black Team will start at half-court with the basketball.

Behind them will be two players from the Red Team. Behind them will be two players from the Black Team. You can
have as many teams of two as you want, but make sure there are an even amount of Black Team groups and Red Team groups.

Offensive players will attack the defender and try to score in the 2v1 situation. Offensive players are allowed two passes to attempt a shot. One shot per possession.

basketball-drills-box-2v12Offensive player that shoots (or turns the ball over) must sprint and touch inside the center circle, and then sprint back on defense, while the defender must secure the rebound or get the made field goal out of the net and then outlet the basketball to their teammate at the angle.

If the defender gets a steal, they can quickly outlet the basketball to their teammate at the angle as well. As soon as the player receives the outlet, they will advance the basketball to their teammates that are ready to attack at half-court. The offensive player that did not shoot will rotate to the outlet line at the angle.

Continue this rotation until one of the teams scores 12 baskets.

Transition Drill Book

NOTE: This is a Digital PDF Download. You will be directed to the page to save the pdf. If you need any help before, during or after your purchase, email me at or call or text me at 765-366-9673.

Transition Drill Book: Drills that will help your team win the transition battle!

Drew Hanlen’s “Transition Drill Book: Drills that will help your team win the transition battle” is an extensive compilation of purposeful transition drills that will help coaches at all levels improve their team’s ability to perform in an up-tempo game. These practice drills will have your players sprinting the floor harder and more consistently than ever before.

The “Transition Drill Book” is perfect for teams and coaches looking to enhance workouts and practices by combining high-level teaching with purposeful, fast-paced drills that will help your team stay poised when the game speeds up.

Whether you want to play fast or are preparing for a team that plays fast, you will find drills in this book that will get your team ready to win the transition battle!

The Drill Book PDF compiles 40 purposeful and intense team drills that cover every aspect of transition play. Each drill includes teaching points, step-by-step instructions, drill diagrams and a scoring system to make the drills more competitive. You will also get my list of Transition Defense Killers, Transition Defense Musts, Transition Offense Killers and Transition Offense Musts.

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