This shooting drill is from Matt Monroe’s former Hoops Roundtable site.

Modify this drill to fit what types of shots you get from your offense and that fit the shots that your players take in games including adding in 3 point shots to the drill.

You could add an element of a time limit or change the scoring so that the rebounder and the shooter are scored together as a team and competing against other two player teams or against a scoring standard.

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The following is from Jim Harrington, former Head Boys Basketball Coach, Elgin High School:

Hornacek Shooting Drill


1.) Shooter starts at right elbow and attempts a shot
2.) After 1st shot, they V-cut to the corner for a second shot
3.) After the second shot, they sprint past the three point line and comes back in for a lay-up
4.) Repeat the same procedure on the left side
5.) Play to 50 points and increase it as the season progresses
• Shots 1-2-4-5 (jump shots) are worth 5 points
• Shots 3 and 6 (lay-ups) are worth 2 points
6.) it is a continuous shooting and moving drill that is good for conditioning

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