These four shooting drills are used by Marquette Men’s Head Basketball Coach Steve Wojciechowski.

There are three ball screen and dribble hand off drills as well as a transition shooting drill.

You might not use these exact movements and actions in your offensive system, but you can look at adapting these concepts to your offense and shooting drills.

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Click the play arrow to see each video and make sure your sound is on as you watch.

5 Spot Transition Shooting Drill

This drills involves two shooters and requires them to make 5 transition shots at each of 5 different spots. Fatigue will set in as the players near the end of the 25 shots.


Pick and Pop Shooting Drill

Both the screener and the player coming off the screen get shots in this shooting drill.


Dribble Hand Off and Pop Shooting Drill

Both Players get shots in this dribble hand off shooting drill.


Dribble Hand Off Shooting Drill

Continual dribble hand offs into shots.

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