This is a short video of Oklahoma’s Sherri Coale putting her team through a timed passing drill requiring 25 perfect post feeds in segments without and then with defensive pressure. I like the idea of requiring perfect passes and catches within a given time.

I hope this sparks some thoughts that you can use to improve some of your passing drills.

Make sure your sound is on as you watch.

I have tested this video delivery method in this new website platform that I have converted to for several browsers and Operating Systems. If you have trouble seeing the video

1) Refresh your screen
2) If that doesn’t work, you can click on the link below to view the video on the Championship Productions website.
3) Please email me an let me know what browser and OS system you are using and I will look into it.

Perfect Post Feed Passing

Click the play arrow to see the video.

If you cannot see the drill, you can use the link below. It will take you to the Championship Productions site to see the same video. Perfect Post Feed Passing

You can also click this link to see more information about or to purchase the entire DVD “All Access Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Practice

Update January 31, 2014. This video is no longer available. Championship Productions no longer provides sample videos of their products

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