Some team shooting drills that were sent to me by Coaches Travis Golden and Nate Hill.

The first drill from Coach Golden is a modification of the Around the World Shooting Game to make it a competitive team shooting game. He is the girls 1st assistant at Clear Creek High School in League City Texas.

Travis said “Our kids have really gotten a kick out of the drill and we love the pressure throughout the game.”

Around the World Team Shooting Competition

This is a modification of the original Around the World game and has similar rules. You can have as many or as few spots as you would like from any distance.

1. Split your teams up to 5-7 players per basket and if you have enough basketballs for everyone have them get one per person otherwise 3-4 basketballs per group.

2. Choose your spots. We usually go with 5 to 7 3 point spots around the arc.

3. Team lines up at designated spot 1.

4. Must make a basket to move on to the next spot. If a person misses the next person can “chance it” and if they make it they move on. If they miss they go back to the original starting spot. If the team wants to stay at that spot then all of them must make a layup in order. If a person misses a layup they go back to the original spot. If they all make their layups then they stay at that spot and continue playing as if it is their turn again. You can modify the layups to block shots, reverse layups, or whatever you feel is acceptable for your teams skill set.

5. All baskets start shooting on signal from the coach. First basket to complete all of the spots you have chosen is the winning team.


The remaining drills were supplied Nate Hill is the Assistant Boys Coach at Colonel Crawford High School in North Robinson, Ohio.

Hopefully you can get some ideas from these drills to tweak your shooting drills to add some variety to your practices for the final portion of the season.

In case you have any questions or comments for Coach Hill, here is his email address:

Coach Hill has a Coaching Newsletter. You can see his latest as well as sign up for it at this link:

Next Level 419 Coaching Newsletter.

Fastbreak Shooting

Diagrams created with FastDraw


Fastbreak shooting Frame 1 (Left): 1 throws ball off backboard, “chins” ball and outlets to 1x “looping”. 1 then sprints and touches sideline, running wide. 1x shoots layup in 3 dribbles.

Fastbreak shooting Frame 2 (Left):x1 inbounds the ball to 1 looping. 1 should be able to make a layup in 3 – 4 dribbles. x1 runs wide touching sideline and gets rebound.

Same actions
2. Pass for layup
3. Pass for jumper
4. pass ahead, then return pass for flare screen
5. pull up jumper at elbow or for 3

Marquette Shooting

To work on emphasizing the concept of one more pass.


1 minute per spot, 1st time midrange, 2nd time 3’s. 8 spots total, 3 balls.

Coach starts with 3 basketballs.

Coach passes to 1 who passes to 6 for a shot.

+layers rotate and follow pass and their own shot.

1st shot is midrange shot for 1 minute



spot #2: coach moves up, and lines rotate.

Spot #2 is on the wing mid range jump shot for 1 minute.

Shoot on the opposite side of the floor as well.

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