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Zone MBS



1 passes to 2









2 returns the basketball 2 1 as 1 moves to set the onball screen









As 1 comes off the ball screen, 5 screens the middle zone defender

1 passes to 3

4 rolls to the ballside block







3 hits 4 on the block







Zone Post Up


1 dribbles toward wing
(taking one of top zone defenders to wing)

3 follows and replaces 1

2 cuts to block

4 pops to 45 degree angle
(above free throw line extended)




5 screens middle zone defender and 2 cuts to corner

1 passes to 3
(This occupies the 2nd top defender

3 reverses to 4
(This forces the baseline zone defender to take 4)

4 passes to 2




Other option if middle zone defender moves to take 2 in the corner is to dump inside to 5

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