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This post was made by Justin Scanson.

There are other ideas for quick hitters to run against a 2-3 zone at the bottom of the post in the “Related Posts” list.

This is a great quick hitter that puts a 2-3 zone in a few tough situations.

This play works best if 4 is a threat to shoot the 3 at the top of the key.

Once 1 initiates the play and swings the ball, quick ball movement and spacing put x4 in a spot where they have to figure out to whom they want to give the wide open 3.



1 Dribbles up the right side until x1 initiates defense.

4 steps out for ball reversal as 5 cuts to high post calling for the ball.

3 runs the baseline hard.






4 passes to 2 or 3. If passes to 2, they can make “1 more” to 3.








2 can make “1 more” pass to 3 or wait for 4 to dive to the block.







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