I found this on one of Creighton Burns’ newsletters.

It is a simple play that Butler University ran against a zone when Brad Stevens was there.

This is a quick hitter that you can save for a time when you need a basket.

It is probably not going to work more than once or twice each game.

Basketball Plays

The play starts with1 passing to 2.

That forces X1 to guard the wing.


Basketball Plays

#1 makes a shallow cut through the lane.

#2 dribbles to the top of the key to take #1 away from his area.


Basketball Plays

#2 passes back to #1

That forces x4 to step up to guard #1.

#4 steps to the short corner.

#5 cuts to the high post.

#1 has option to drive or pass to the short corner.

If the ball goes to #4 in the short corner, #5 makes a basket cut.


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