These shooting drills are from Matt Monroe’s former Hoops Roundtable site.

Modify these drills to fit what types of shots you get from your offense and that fit the shots that your players take in games including adding in 3 point shots to the drill.

You could add an element of a time limit or change the scoring so that players are competing against each other or against a scoring standard.

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Free Throw Golf Drill


Jason Dycus, Head Girls’ Basketball Coach, Naperville North High School (IL):

There are 3 or 4 players at a basket.
Put three minutes on the clock.
Each person shoots one free throw and rotates.
Each time someone makes a free throw, one point goes in the bank.
The first person to miss add the score in the bank to their score (for example, if three people make a free throw in a row and the fourth person misses, the fourth person now adds 3 points to their score).
The player with the lowest score wins.


Cougar Shooting Drill


In my opinion, the cones are not there to simulate defenders. They are there to show your players where to work on their dribble move. I believe that players need to develop skills before they can use them against a live defense.

#1 dribbles through the cones using various change of direction moves and attacks the basket.
After taking a shot, the player widens out to the corner and cuts hard off the cone simulating a cut off of a screen.
Coach passes the player the ball for a shot.

Utilize various moves on the first and second legs of the drill: Power finish, Shot-fake finish, Floaters, Runners, Reverse lay-up, Jump shot, Pull-up jump shot, Step-back move, Step-back counter move, Inside hand finish, Hips across lay-up, Spin move, Up and under move, Ginobili move, or any other move that you need to incorporate.

Plus 4, Minus 4 Shooting Drill


Jim Harrington, former Head Boys Basketball Coach, Elgin High School (IL):

Use the 7 spots on the floor that are shown in the diagram.

Player flips the ball out and get hind the ball (circle it)
You get +1 for a made field goal and -1 for a missed field goal
Play until you get +4 or -4 total.
Use or incorporate all moves (shot fakes, catch and shoot, cross/onside step, etc.)

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