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Ladder Shooting Drill

This drill was contributed by Coach Fabian McKenzie, Cape Breton University Women’s Basketball.

He has been a head coach at the university level for 16 years, and has been involved as a coach at this level for 20 years.

He has been involved with the Canadian Women’s National team program for the past 8 years.

This is what he said about the drill:

This is a great conditioning drill which requires focus on shooting the ball.

Great in pre-season.

ladder-shooting-drill1You can work on 15 foot shots, 3 point shots, dribble pull ups, etc.

P’s are passers. They must constantly hustle to rebound and have a ball ready for their next shooter

We do a “ladder” of time

15 sec. per group
30 sec. per group
45 sec. per group
60 sec. per group
45 sec. per group
30 sec. per group
15 sec. per group

1,2,3,4 receive a pass and shoot the ball



ladder-shooting-drill2As soon as 1,2,3,4 shoot the ball they turn and sprint to opposite end.

Our rule is that they cannot shoot from the opposite spot on the floor twice in a row. They must pick a new spot.

Once the time is up, 1,2,3,4 become passers and one of the passing groups become the shooters.

Challenge the players to beat their takes and makes each time i.e. First time they do 15 sec. they may get 3-4 shots. Challenge them to do more and make more each block of time





Here is another version of the drill:

If you are interested in seeing information on the DVD that this drill came from, click: Individual and Team Drills for Building a Transition Offense

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