On offense, grabbing a rebound after a missed shot gives your team a second chance to score. On the other hand, when pulling down a defensive rebound, a player is limiting the opponent to just one chance at a basket. Those “second chances” can be the difference between winning or losing a game. Good rebounders are not necessarily the tallest players or best jumpers on the court. Sure, bigger players and those with great jumping ability have an advantage, but just like playing defense, position and fundamentals can make any player an effective rebounder. In fact, if you use proper technique, you can keep any player away from the basket and out of rebounding position.

  1. When a shot goes up, turn and face the basket.
  2. Bend your knees and prepare to jump for the ball.
  3. Use your body to prevent an opposing player from getting around you.
  4. Jump to grab the missed shot. If your teammate shot the ball, try to make a shot. If the opposing team shot the ball, turn and pass to a teammate or dribble the ball into the frontcourt.