This play run by the San Antonio Spurs was submitted by Wes Kosel, Men’s Assistant Basketball Coach at Colorado College to the FastModel Sports Basketball Plays and Drills Library.

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1 starts on the wing and passes to 2 at the top.

2 passes to 4 at the weak-side elbow (pinch post).





Once 4 has the ball, 2 loops around 4 looking for the hand-off.







In option 2, the hand-off isn’t there so 2 pops out to the wing.

3 runs the baseline to the opposite corner.

4 passes to 1 on the wing.

1 looks inside to 5 posting up.




In option 3, 2 cuts to the wing after the hand-off isn’t there.

1 and 5 move towards the corner to set a staggered screen for 3.

3 cuts into the lane looking for the pass from 4.



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