This zone shooting drill came from the FastModel Sports Basketball Plays and Drills Library.

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The drills were contributed by Coach Bert DeSalvo. Bert has a regular coaching blog, Expressions from the Hardwood. You can also follow him on Twitter @coachDeSalvo

IMO, it is important to replicate the shots that you shoot in games from your offensive system during your improvement season workouts. That means shots you get against man to man defense as well as against zones. Even if these shots are not a part of your zone attack, I encourage you to incorporate you cuts against zone and the shots you get into your shooting workouts.

Swing and Skip Pass Shooting Drill

Bert DeSalvo

basketball-drills-zone-shooting33 and Coach 1 and Coach 2 each start out with a ball

3 reverses to 2

2 steps to the pass and reverses to 1

1 steps to the pass

3 runs the baseline


basketball-drills-zone-shooting41 hits 3 running the baseline for a curl jump shot (inside foot pivot)

Coach 1 passes to 1 for a 3pt shot attempt

Coach 2 skips to 2 for a 3pt shot attempt

**NOTE: Coaches can add shot fake 1 dribble shot, etc.

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