from Coach Eric Musselman


1.) Put 5 defenders in line right under the rim facing half court.

2.) Place 5 offensive players on the perimeter. Put a player in each corner, each wing, and one at the point.

3.) The coach shoots the ball from different spots on the floor.

4.) When the shot is taken the defenders rush out to block out the offensiver players. If they get the defensive rebound the get 1 POINT and pass the ball to the coach and go back to their original positions.

5.) If the offense gets a rebound they get 1 Point and must put the shot right back up and if they make the shot they get another point. They have to put the ball right back up they cannot take it back up top. Every time the offense gets a rebound they get a point.

6.) You play to the first team getting 10 points. Losers run! (You can have either an offensive or defensive winner.

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