Today’s post contains two videos from Wichita State Head Basketball Coach Coach Gregg Marshall going through a series that they use to work on their wings players skills.

The video is about a minute long and shows a shooting drill that they use at the end of practice to develop the ability to shoot under fatigue.

You could use this as a team shooting drill in season, or tweak it when you are doing an individual workout with one or two players. Each player should shoot until he or she makes a shot at the spot while running to half court and back on a miss. They move on to the next spot when they make a shot from the current spot. Time them to ensure that they are running hard on their sprints.

They are You Tube videos, so you will need to have permission to view You Tube videos.

Make sure your sound is on as you watch. Click the play arrow to see the videos.

If you are interested in learning more about the entire DVD that this sample came from, click this link: Wichita State Skill Development Workout Guards. Anyone who purchases anything from the store receives one of my basketball coaching eBooks as a bonus. Just email me and let me know which one you would like to receive!

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