These game winners were from the latest issue of the University of Washington women’s program basketball coaching newsletter.

If you are interested in receiving the newsletter, let me know and I will pass your information on to Coach Neighbors.

Here is what he said about these plays:

“You can never have too many of these in your mind in case situations arise.

Even if you aren’t going to run them with your team, they are nice to have when you are working on your OB defense.

I always have two or three on my practice schedule for our practice squad to run.”


Sideline Winner

Basketball Plays

  • 5 & 4 down screen for 3 and 1
  • The ball is entered to 3
  • 1 sets a ball screen for 3


Basketball Plays

  • 1 is the player you are looking to get the 3 point shot for
  • After 1 sets the ball screen, 5 sets a flare screen for 1
  • 2 is also available coming off a screen from 4


Bulls SLOB Need 3

Basketball Plays

  • 5 cross screens and pops
  • 3 screens for 4
  • 4 goes and screens for the inbounder.


Basketball Plays

5 hits 1 for the shot

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