This quick hitting play is from an old Xavier University Basketball Coaching Newsletter.

Run this against a 2-3 zone as an entry into your zone attack., or as a set play to get the ball inside.

At the bottom of the page, I have listed some more links to other zone plays.

#1 Starts with the basketball.

1 passes to 3, then cuts to screen the middle man in the zone.

2 replaces one at the point.


3 Passes to 2

4 cuts off 1s screen of the center in the zone

5 moves to the short corner

2 feeds 4 off the cut


If 4 is not open…

2 passes to 3

5 screencs for 1

3 passes to 1 in the corner


5 looks to post the next defender.

1 can feed 5 or hit 4 and 4 can feed 5 on a high low entry

2 spaces to the opposite side of the floor


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