1. I will honor and respect my parent or guardian and all others who are helping my development. This includes coaches, pastors, teachers, mentors, other family members, etc. If I don’t have a mentor, I will find one. I will appreciate and acknowledge any and all help/guidance I receive. (TGK Athletics – This can be harder doing it alone, look for someone to help hold you accountable.)

2. I will record my specific goals on a sheet of paper and post in a place that I will see daily. I will update these EVERY month and will save all copies. Example goals – I will start on my school team—I will double my points per game next season. Etc.

3. I commit to doing skills training 5 days per week, even if I have practice, even if I only do a thirty-minute workout. Whatever it takes, I am willing to put in the work.

4. I will follow the training series, and will not shortcut the drills. I will complete a minimum of ________ (your choice 5 or greater, depends on time of season) series workouts a week.

5. I will use the disciplines I am gaining from TGK Athletics to help me succeed in all areas of my life. This includes academically, spiritually, clubs, family, musically, personal development, etc.

6. I will email TGK Athletics to communicate my growth and share the personal development in my game.

7. I will play with more confidence because I have prepared myself. I will be modest when successful.

8. I will never allow fear to control me. I will never hang my head after a bad play, but rather focus on mental strength on the next play. I will practice good sportsmanship.

9. I will read one book a month. I understand that reading will allow me to develop and grow as a person and member of society. I will be studious.

10. I will respect the training facilities and I will be aware that I am representing TGK Athletics at all times.

TGK Athletics Players are different….are skilled…are prepared….are fearless….are driven….are successful…are knock down shooters…. They also play the game with respect. They do not frown on the court. They show appreciation to those that help them on their journey. Now is the time for everyone to get to work. Your journey starts today! This journey will be part of what defines your legacy. We are proud to be part of this journey with you!

Grind Labs Spring Session Thornton Academy

Grind Labs Spring Session Thornton Academy