With TGK Athletics moving into a new facility fundraising will be key.
These Fundraising programs will:
– Help keep tuition prices affordable
– Supplement purchases of non-budgeted items for players
– Support scholarship programs
– Mentoring and AfterSchool Programs and Supplies
– Assist with additional experiences, which may include out-of-season team trips and tournaments
We will ONLY partake in fundraising programs that have minimal leg work, but a high rate of return.
Our first fundraising will be a new sports gaming app by Fire Fan, which is set to launch in early October.

You’ll be able to enjoy the first ever mobile gaming app that allows fans to play along with actual sporting events in real time while competing against friends and other members of our TGK group. How cool is that!

Why is this app different?
– Game vs. gambling
– Loyalty to “my team” vs. “the NFL”
– Game experience vs. “stats” experience
– All experience levels play together
– Game-by-game experience (no algorithms)
– Play the game, not just the players
– Social experience

It’s a new way to play! You’ll be able to interact ‘live’ with NFL football games on TV. Developed by the same guy who created Madden Football on the EA Sports platform, this is the ‘next big thing’ in gaming.
It’s FREE to download, and FREE to play! Similar to Pokemon Go, you can simply download it from the iTunes or Google Play stores (when it’s ready) and play it for FREE.
The game is structured around a FREE token system, and points.
Tokens are awarded to players for watching 15-second video clips, and for correctly guessing the events of particular NFL football games (who will win the coin toss; will the opening kickoff be returned for a touchdown; will a quarterback throw for more than 250 yards today; and several other pre-game and in-game questions).
Every time you acquire or play a token, TGK Athletics receives money towards their fundraising goal.
In addition to tokens, players will earn points which can be redeemed for prizes like electronics, caps, shirts, jerseys, tickets to sporting events, and even cars!

Play the newest and greatest gaming app, all while helping to support the TGK Athletics organization.

Want to support TGK Athletics while having fun? Download Fire Fan the world’s first FREE Live in game play App!!