This shooting drill was diagrammed and contributed by Joel Hueser to the FastModel Sports Basketball Plays and Drills Library.

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Coach Hueser is the Head Boys Coach at Papillion-LaVista South High School High School in Nebraska.

This is what he said about the drill:

Each year, preseason and sometimes during the season, we test our players for assessment purposes. The Decathlon is a good indicator of player strengths and weaknesses. The test consists of ten shooting skills performed for one minute each, one skill right after the other. We have acquired over 25 years of data using this test. As a result, we have a pretty good idea of a player’s offensive skill set when it’s all said and done. We like to factor these numbers into our selection process.

To date, in my 25+ years of coaching, not quite 20 players have scored 200 baskets or higher. The highest is 218. The first 3 minutes set the tone. A fundamentally sound player can score close to 100 or more baskets right out of the gates.

We consider the following grade levels and scores very good:

Freshmen 160 or more
Sophomores 170 or more
Juniors 180 or more
Seniors 190 or more
Skill Level Scale:

000-100 | Poor!
100-115 | Very Low Skill Level
115-130 | Low Skill Level
130-145 | Average Skill Level
145-160 | Above Average Skill Level
160-175 | High Skill Level
175-190 | Very High Skill Level
190-205 | Outstanding!

Editor’s Note from Brian: You can develop your own scoring system, scoring standards, and change the shots. You don’t have to use the drill exactly the same way that Coach Hueser does. The idea is to modify the challenge and make it YOUR OWN. For example, this uses a lot of layups, you might want to include more jump shots. Or, you could possibly use this as one data point for tryouts.

Since the player is moving for 10 consecutive minutes, if you have 6 baskets, you could use it at the end of practice as a conditioner while handling and shooting the basketball or to see who is in shape for your early season practices.

There is a video at the bottom of the post to see the decathlon in action.


1) Strong Hand Lay-ups
-Stand wherever you want (we suggest as shown) and score as many baskets as possible.
-No rebounders (using the glass is recommended).
-1 minute.





2) Weak Hand Lay-ups
-Same as strong hand lay-ups, but this time you must shoot with your weak hand.
-Your strong hand is to be held behind your back (Shooter is allowed to shoot from either side).
-1 minute.




3) Mikan Drill
-Shoot baby hook shots, alternating from the right side to the left side.
-Shoot off the correct foot on each side.
-1 minute.





4) Block-to-Block
-Shoot just outside the freethrow lane near the low block.
-Use the glass and move back and forth without traveling.
-1 minute.





5) Corner-to-Corner
-Same as block-to-block, but this time the shots are from the short corner (two strides from lane).
-Move back and forth without traveling.
-1 minute.





6) X-Out Lay-ups
-Start at the right freethrow line elbow, dribble in and score a lay-up.
-Then sprint out to the left elbow (dribble is not mandatory). Do the same, but with the left hand.
-1 minute.





7) Lay-up Bust
-Start under the basket and shoot a lay-up.
-Whether it is made or missed, run and touch the freethrow line with your hand.
-Then come back to the ball and attempt another lay-up or shot.
-1 minute.




8) Elbow-to-Elbow
-Shoot from the right freethrow line elbow and follow your shot.
-Dribble out to the left elbow with your outside hand and shoot again.
-Alternate from elbow-to-elbow; always dribbling with your outside hand.





9) 15′ Rapid Fire
-Use two basketballs and two teammates as a feeder and rebounder.
-Fire as many jump shots as possible from the freethrow line.
-1 minute.





10) 20′ Rapid Fire
-Same as 15′ Rapid Fire, but from behind the 3-point arc.
-1 minute.

Here is a You Tube video of the drill.




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